Mens Bentwood Wedding Ring - Koa Wood
Bentwood Koa Wood Ring
Mens Bentwood Ring Made Out Of Koa Wood
Koa Wood Bentwood Ring For Men

The Timeless Bentwood Ring - Koa Wood With Copper Inlay

Regular price$ 298.96

Elegantly handcrafted, our legendary koa wood ring blends natural beauty with opulent copper inlays for a refined touch.

  • Exterior: Koa Wood
  • Exterior: Two Copper Inlays
  • Interior: Koa Wood
  • Handmade: Each ring is made to order.

*Any of the rings that are in the Bentwood Ring Collection are excluded from Northern Royal’s 90 Day Return Policy, Exchange Policy, and Lifetime Warranty Policy. Bentwood Rings have their own seperate policies which can be found down below.


Bentwood Return & Exchange Policy

Unfortunately, we do not allow Bentwood Rings to be returned or exchanged for other rings due to the amount of of time and details that it takes to make these rings. Each ring is uniquely different and tailored to each individual customer.


The Bentwood Life Care Guarantee

Repairs are free of charge. You can send your ring in as many times as you'd like. We always do our best to try and avoid completely replacing your ring.  

What happens if the ring cannot be repaired?

We will always do our best to repair your ring. However, if your ring is unrepairable you will have to pay 65% of the ring price so we can make you a brand new ring.


After Making A Purchase

After you make a purchase for a bentwood ring we will send you a free ring sizer. Once you have used the ring sizer please confirm your size here. Directions on how to use the sizer and how to confirm your size will come with the ring sizer. 

Already Received a ring sizer?

If you already ordered a ring sizer before purchasing a bentwood ring then there is nothing further you need to do. 

Why Do We Send Out a Ring sizer?

Besides the high level of craftsmanship and the amount of time that is spent on each ring. Northern Royal bentwood rings can be resized within a half size in either directions. If the ring needs to be resized more than a half size you would have to pay 60% of the ring price to allow for a brand new ring replacement. Of course you can still keep the ring that does not fit.

Ring Sizer Shipping Time?

U.S. Customers: 2 to 5 days.

Canada: 8 to 14

All Other International Countries: 9 to 22 days


Appearance Of Bentwood Rings

Bentwood rings are made with organic materials which can make each piece different than what may be shown in the pictures. Your ring may have variances in color, wood shades, or grain pattern from what is shown in the picture due to the natural material that are produced by nature. Making them all the more unique.


Current Time

The current turnaround times are given below.

U.S. Domestic: 40 to 50 Days

Canada: 45 to 60

International Shipping: 45 to 60 Days

Discount Codes

Unfortunately, we do not accept discount codes on any of the bentwood rings.


Bentwood Rings cannot be engraved. 

Bentwood rings are made to order. The current times below include the time it will take to make your ring and the shipping time.

U.S. Domestic

Currently bentwood rings are taking 40 to 50 days.


45 to 60 Days

All Other International Countries 

45 to 65 Days