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Christian Brady Tell His Story

We met playing soccer on a co-ed team that was more of a social club than a soccer team. Which worked out for us since they essentially set up our first few dates as the team would get together regularly for brewery tours, MLB baseball games, and bar time fun. We hit it off pretty well and started doing solo dates.

Northern Royal Shared Wedding Stories

Fast forward to three years later and I proposed to her on a mountain top. She  obviously said yes.

Northern Royal Customer Wedding Stories

We decided to get married in our back yard to save money as well as to have an excuse to put money into the house for better resale in the future.

Northern Royal Rings Customer Wedding Stories


We absolutely loved having the wedding at our house! It took a lot of work and planning to get everything right.

Northern Royal Customer Shared Wedding Stories

The only thing we would change is to have a wedding planner to help with timing and remembering all the little details you may not think about.Everything went off without a hitch and we are very happy with the whole experience

Northern Royal Rings Customer Shared Wedding Stories

Erika Vogt Wedding

My (now) husband and I met when we were in our 20s in Newport Beach, CA. We were both trying to make it in our first careers out of college, but ended up meeting each other. We were at a bar, during the World Cup soccer games. I was with my girlfriends and he was with his guy friends. One of his friends came to me and asked if I wanted to split a sandwich with him. Um.. no thanks. Before I knew it, Brooks was sitting next to me and we were chatting all day. We exchanged numbers and the rest is history.

Erika Wedding Story

The style of our wedding was country chic. Our wedding planning was quite challenging. We had all our vendors and details confirmed in February, and we had an October 1 wedding. In mid-June, we received an email that our venue was cancelling our wedding. After going back and forward, we moved onto a frantic search for a new venue. We were already in a small town so available venues (on a limited timeline) was very difficult. We ended up finding a home with a large lawn and having a very DIY wedding. It was a lot of work to re-create everything. We couldn't have done it without our friends and family.

Northern Royal Customer Wedding Stories

Advise for brides? ENJOY it all! It's your day! Really take a moment to absorb it all. It goes by fast. Enjoy your family and friends that LOVE you.. and think about those that are no longer with us.

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