Wood Wedding Band Guide - Durability & Bentwood vs. Inlay

Do Wood Bands Make Good

Wedding Bands?

What This Guide Will Cover

  • The Difference Between Wood Inlay Rings and Bentwood Rings
  • The Durability Of Wood Inlay Rings and Bentwood Rings

Yes, wood inlay bands make beautiful and unique wedding bands but they are not right for everyone. Out of the 100's of emails we receive weekly, the most frequently asked question we receive is "How durable are wooden rings?" So, we decided to create a guide that will hopefully answer these questions.  

The Difference Between Wood Inlay Rings and Bentwood Rings

The easiest way to give the difference of a bentwood ring vs. wooden inlay rings is by simply giving the definition of both.

The Definition Of A Wood Inlay Ring: A ring that is comprised of both metal material and wood. The Wood is inlaid in the metal.

Wood Inlay Tungsten Ring Vs. Bentwood Ring

Materials that are commonly used in wood inlay rings are tungsten, ceramic and  titanium. 
Tungsten Wood Inlay RingCeramic Wood Inlay Ring
Tungsten Wood Inlay          Ceramic Wood Inlay 




After the wood strip is added a resin is applied over the wood. A resin is a special jewelry epoxy that covers the wood. The resin makes the wood essentially waterproof and very durable. The nice part about high end resins is its practically invisible and make the wood appear in it's natural state. 

Bent wood wedding ring or solid wood wedding ring Wood inlay wedding ring // wood inlaid ring

Picture: Bentwood Ring                        Picture: Wood Inlay Ring

The Definition Of Bentwood Rings

There are few different methods when it comes to how bentwood rings are made. The following definition is based on the most common method used when it comes to making bentwood rings.

The Definition Of A Bentwood Ring: A bentwood ring is a solid wood ring that is crafted by soaking thin wood strips in water and then slowly wrapping the wood strips around a cylinder while at the same time applying CA glue.

Bentwood Ring Vs. Tungsten Inlay Ring

The Durability Of Wood Inlay Rings

It drives me insane how many jewelry websites claim that their wood inlay rings are indestructible because in reality they are NOT! Wood Inlay rings are however much more durable than bentwood rings. The wood in a wood inlay is much more protected because it is inlaid in materials like ceramic, tungsten, and titanium. Opposed to bentwood wood rings where the wood is protected by CA glue and is always exposed.  

 Wood inlay rings are durable but there is still a slight chance it could break. In reality almost any rings can be broken.  The force it takes to break a wood inlay ring is about equivalent of a 20 Lb sledgehammer being dropped on the ring.

  • Are Wood Inlay Rings Waterproof? Yes, wood inlay rings are 100% waterproof. 
  • Do Wood Inlay Rings Require Maintenance? The only maintenance a wood inlay ring requires is polishing it with a micro cloth. 
  • Can Wood Inlay Rings Handle Bumps? Yes, if you bump your hand into a hard surface there will be no damage to the ring or the wood. The wood is protected by a thick resin that is meant to withstand everyday wear. 

The Durability Of a Bentwood ring

The strength of bentwood ring is definitely more breakable when compared to wood inlay rings. Many Jewelers will claim how durable they are but the truth is they are not. Mind you, they are beautiful rings and they do make great gifts but not for a gift that is suppose to last forever. As mentioned earlier, bentwood rings come from the strength of the wood and CA glue. CA glue is a bonding agent for wood working. It is like supper glue except for wood. CA glue is also not the most skin friendly glue as 99% of the brands state "avoid contact with skin and eyes".

  • Are Bentwood Rings Waterproof? No, they are only water resistance. 
  • Do Bentwood Rings Require Maintenance? Yes, most companies recommend you send your bentwood ring in so they can polish it up by adding more CA glue to the top.
  • Can Bentwood Rings Handle Bumps? Maybe, if you bump your hand into a hard surface it is likely that your ring could nick. There is a layer of CA glue on top of bentwood rings but it is usually a very think layer. It also depends on what type of wood you ring is made out of. If your ring is made out of pine than it is more likely to nick because pine is a much softer wood.  

There are definitely some very unique and pretty bentwood rings out there. However, if you are looking for a wood ring that can handle everyday wear like bumping into something, getting wet, an so forth than I would highly recommended a wood inlay ring. 

Bentwood Wedding Rings vs. Inlaid Rings