Tungsten wedding rings are one of the most popular styles of men's wedding bands for a few reason. First, tungsten wedding bands are extremely durable and virtually scratch proof because of the hardness of tungsten carbide. On the Mohs scale which is a scale that classifies hardness of minerals, tungsten carbide is actually harder than a diamond. This is why so many men choose tungsten wedding bands because it is so durable. Second, tungsten carbide is a much more affordable metal versus a solid gold wedding band. Although tungsten carbide is a cheaper metal versus a solid gold wedding ring, it will still last just as long. Third, there are an endless variety of designs for tungsten wedding rings. Some of the unique style rings Northern Royal offers are brushed tungsten wedding bands, celtic tungsten rings, black tungsten wedding bands and many more styles of men's tungsten wedding bands. 

    Mens Tungsten Wedding Bands

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