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Need Help With Sizing? Choose From 3 Options

Need Help With Sizing? Choose From 3 Options

1️⃣ Most Popular: If you don't want to miss out on the latest sale, take a guess and order your ring. Each ring comes with a ring sizer, and we also provide free resizing/exchanges.

2️⃣ You can order our free ring sizer, which is delivered by mail. Yes, it's truly free, and we even cover the shipping costs.

3️⃣ Try our printable ring sizer. While it's not as accurate as the sizer delivered by mail, it can still be very helpful.


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If you order our ring sizer, you have three additional options to choose from. Down below you will find an explanation of each option.

Option 1

Yes, send the sizer before you send my ring

You can select this option if you would like for us to send the ring sizer first before we send out your ring. This option requires that you add both your ring and ring sizer to your shopping cart at the same time. This is a great option for those who don't want to miss out on any current sales or for those who are adding engraving.

Option 2

No, send the sizer with my ring. 

The most popular option. For those who want to take a guess on their size. We do offer free resizing/exchanges.

Option 3

I am ordering the ring sizer before I place my ring order.

U.S. Customers

The ring sizer will be sent with a USPS postage stamp which can take up to 3 to 8 days. Faster shipping is available during checkout.


90 Day Hassle Free Return Policy

If you do not like it in the first 90 days, you can send it back for a full refund. You must send it back in the condition it was in. If you wish to return it outside the 90 day period we will work with you on it.


If we are running a special for free engraving, please note: Resizing and exchanges are still free. However, for returned rings that have been engraved and are being sent back for a refund, a $30 restocking fee will be applied.

Silicone Ring Promotion

If a complimentary silicone ring was included, it must be returned with the wedding band for a full refund; otherwise, the refund will be adjusted by the listed price of the silicone ring on our website

120 Day Ring Exchange 

If the ring does not fit send it back and we will send you a second one for free. If you purchased the ring well before your wedding date and it is passed the 120 days we will still exchange it for free.

The Wedding Policy

Do you have an upcoming wedding?

The 120 day ring exchange/resizing and 90 day return will start when you receive your ring. It then will reset again on your wedding day.

*If you do NOT have an upcoming wedding, then our 90 day return, free resizing and lifetime warranty will start when you receive the ring.

Lifetime Warranty 

Lifetime Warranty
All of our rings are covered by our Lifetime Warranty. 
In the rare event, your ring becomes damaged in any way we will replace it for free in the first year. The only thing you have to pay is the shipping to send it back. 
What happens after a year?
If your ring becomes damaged after 1 year we will replace it for a small deductible of only $45.00. You will receive a brand new ring. There is no limit on how many times you can use the warranty. 
If Your Ring Does Not Fit After A Year
If you ring needs resized after 120 days (This is rare). A deductible of $30.00 will allow you to exchange your ring for a new size. Most of our rings are made of alliterative metals which means they cannot be resized. This is why we will send you a new ring. 
What Our Warranty Does Not Cover.
Lost rings. Your ring is not covered if you lose the ring. 
We cannot always guarantee we will carry your ring you purchased in the future. If you ring is unavailable in the future we will allow you to pick a new ring of equal similar value. 
Note: The 90-day return, 120-day ring exchange, and warranty does not start until after your wedding day. We just ask you send us some sort of receipt or invoice from your wedding day so we can confirm it. 

Unsure about your ring size?

Order the ring sizer