Canada's Top 10 Most Unique Mens Wedding Rings - Tungsten Rings & Wood Rings

Canada's Most Unique Mens Wedding Bands

You live in Canada and your looking for a unique wedding band for your man. Maybe you’ve gone into Michael Hill or Peoples looking for that unique ring. But lets face it, you came out disappointed due to the fact that ring selection is poor and way overpriced. I mean, I surely would not want my husband wearing the same ring that thousands of other Canadian men wear. My husband is unique and he deserves a wedding ring that is as unique as him.

That was pretty much which sparked Northern Royal which started in Ontario, Canada and now we are just 30min from the Windsor border in Michigan. I will admit, we offer some of the exact rings that the large jewelry stores offer in Canada but ours are less than half the price. Go to their website and check for yourself. I can also promise we offer unique mens wedding rings that you will find nowhere else. 

Mens Wedding Bands Canada

Top Ten Unique Wedding Rings That Canadians Purchase From Northern Royal


10. The Vintage Wine Barrel Ring

 This mens wood ring has been inspired and designed to look like old wine barrel. Crafted using real wood and high tech ceramic. 
Canadians Mens Unique Wedding Rings - Wood Wedding Bands

9. Mens Brushed Tungsten Wedding Band With 18K Rose Gold Interior 

Canadians love rose gold! This mens brushed tungsten ring pulls in both classy and modern with the polish rose gold interior and brushed top.
Mens Tungsten Wedding Bands Canada 

8. Mens Black Ceramic Wood Wedding Ring

If this unique mens wood ring was crafted out of maple wood instead of koa wood I am sure this wood be the number 1 mens ring in Canada.
Canada Most Unique Mens Wedding Bands - Wood Rings


7. 8mm Mens Tungsten Wedding Ring With Polish Tapered Edges & Satin Strip

I number 7 top selling mens tungsten ring is our hybrid ring. We call it the hybrid ring because it does such a good at pulling in classic and modern.

Canada Top Tungsten Wedding Band For Men 


6. 8mm Mens Black Tungsten Ring With Brushed Center

We are not really sure why this unique all black tungsten ring is so popular among Canada. We've been told it looks like a hockey puck which it kind of does. 

Canada's Mens Tungsten Wedding Band - Black Tungsten Ring Hock Puck Inspired  

5. Silver Brushed Tungsten Mens Wedding Band With Black Polish Interior

This modern looking mens tungsten ring is available in widths 8mm and 6mm.

Canada Most Popular Tungsten Wedding Bands

4. 7mm Titanium Mens Wood Wedding Band 

This mens ring is not only unique because it has real wood going through the center but because it is crafted out of the highest quality titanium on the market making it extremely comfortable and durable.

Canada Most Unique Wedding Rings

3. 8mm Mens Tungsten Hockey Puck Ring

We always like to ask Canadians what caught there eye for the ring they purchased. You guessed right! It looks like a hockey puck.

Top Canada Tungsten Wedding Rings For Men

2. 8mm Silver Tungsten Mens Rings

This is actually the same ring has the hockey puck ring above except in silver.Top Canadian Mens Rings Made With Tungsten



1. 6mm Tungsten Wood Ring With Tungsten Center Stripe

You can see why this ring is so unique. Where else would you find a mens tungsten wood ring in Canada or even in the U.S. This mens wood ring is 100% waterproof and extremely durable.

Canada Most Unique Mens Wedding Bands