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      About The Collection

      About The Outdoorsman Collection

      Boldly rooted in Michigan, our Outdoorsman collection captures the untamed essence of nature with rings hewn from wood, antler, opal, guitar string, and other rugged materials. Crafted for the hands of woodsmen, carpenters, fishermen, farmers, and all who wield their strength, these rings transcend mere adornment. Available in ceramic, tungsten, or titanium, they're forged for husbands unafraid to plunge headfirst into life's wild adventures. Whether they endure the shower's cascade or dive into the depths of a lake, these rings are 100% waterproof, embodying unyielding longevity and resilience. And in the unlikely event of water's challenge, we'll swiftly replace them, safeguarding your unbreakable bond with nature's rugged spirit.


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      Built For Life


      The wood is encased in a specialized resin blend, an inconspicuous solution ensuring complete waterproofing.

      Wear it effortlessly while swimming, showering, or washing your hands, without the need for removal. If your wooden ring experiences water damage, we will promptly provide a replacement.

      Beyond its water-resistant features, the resin provides remarkable scratch resistance, enduring substantial impacts and abrasions to keep your ring looking consistently pristine.

      Wood Ring Rating Scale

      Wood Ring Metal Type Scale 1 - 5 (5 Being The Most Durable) Rating Scale 1-5 Water Rating

      Metal Type


      Scratch Resistance

      Drop Durability

      When dropped or hit against hard-surfaces.


      Silver Tungsten


      Nearly impossible to scratch. This comes from the hardness of tungsten carbide and the fact that silver is the natural color of tungsten.


      100% Waterproof

      Black Tungsten


      Very tough to scratch but not impossible.


      100% Waterproof



      Very tough to scratch. A razor blade probably could not even scratch it.


      100% Waterproof



      Can show light scratching.


      100% Waterproof

      The Metal Choice For
      Your Wooden Ring

      Selecting the metal for your wooden ring holds no significance, whether it's ceramic, tungsten, or titanium—all exude exceptional durability. When discussing durability, we're emphasizing the ring's ability to withstand accidents, including drops, impacts, scrapes, and water exposure. You can trust that all our rings are fully waterproof.

      Which Type Of Metal Should You Pick For Your Wooden Ring?

      Handcrafted from silver tungsten, our wooden rings embody unmatched durability and resilience, making them nearly impervious to scratches. The black tungsten variation, achieved through precise plating, maintains an elegant appearance with minimal vulnerability to scratches, resulting in infrequent warranty claims.

      Next in line is titanium, providing resilience against minor scratches and a safeguard against shattering from drops. Meanwhile, ceramic rings, renowned for their lightweight feel and superior scratch resistance, strike a balance between the sturdiness of tungsten and the lightweight nature of titanium. However, it's important to be aware that ceramic may experience cracking if dropped from a significant height.

      When prioritizing safety, our ceramic rings stand out as the optimal choice. Choose a wooden ring based on personal comfort and aesthetics, as each—silver tungsten, black tungsten, titanium, and ceramic—ensures exceptional toughness for enduring everyday wear.