Who Buys The Man's Wedding Ring?

It is commonly held knowledge that a man typically buys his future wife her engagement and wedding ring. However, who buys the man’s wedding ring? Should a man pick out his own wedding ring?


Traditionally, it was common for the woman to choose a wedding ring for her fiancé. However, in more modern times, there are a variety of options for men’s wedding ring shopping arrangements, ranging from traditional to non-traditional options.

Traditional Option

Some couples still prefer the tradition of the woman picking out and buying the groom’s wedding ring. In this case, the woman sizes his finger, picks out and pays for the man’s wedding ring. She then gifts it to him on the day of the wedding.

Non-Traditional Option

If you are not concerned with tradition, some men prefer to pick out and even pay for their own rings. Also, it is not uncommon, and can be enjoyable, for men and women to choose the groom’s wedding ring together, especially with so many different styles to choose from. Sometimes the bride and groom even prefer to pick out matching rings.