Which Metal Type Do You Choose for Your Wooden Wedding Ring?







It doesn’t matter which metal you pick for your wooden ring. Whether it’s ceramic, tungsten, or titanium, all three have unprecedented durability. When we use the word durable, we are describing the ring’s resistance to accidents, such as when it is dropped, hit, scraped, or soaked in water. We already mentioned that all of our wooden rings are 100% waterproof, but what about the rest?

Silver Tungsten


Wooden rings crafted out of silver tungsten are the most durable. Tungsten is a very hard metal... so hard it ranks second on the Mohs Scale, with diamond being first. Northern Royal tungsten rings are virtually scratch proof and hypoallergenic.

Black Tungsten


Wooden rings crafted out of black tungsten would be the next best choice for durability. The natural color of tungsten is a shade of gray. To make a tungsten ring black it has to go through a special plating process. The plating is difficult to scratch, although not impossible. However, we rarely receive warranty claims due to scratches on black-plated tungsten rings.




Titanium is third in line because it can scratch a bit easier against abrasive surfaces. However, it can still take a beating. If you dropped a wooden titanium ring, it would likely never shatter or crack. To this day, nobody has had the need to use our awesome warranty because titanium wooden rings do not break easily.



Ceramic rings are lightweight and quite hard to scratch. Ceramic rings are equally, if not more, scratch resistant than tungsten rings. The weight of ceramic wooden rings falls in between that of tungsten wooden rings and titanium wooden rings. The downside to ceramic is that it can crack if dropped from a decent height.

We recommend picking a wooden ring that you feel comfortable with, and looks the best to you.


We discourage picking a wooden ring over durability, because all three metals are very tough, and can withstand everyday wear.