The Official Tungsten Ring Guide - Everything You Must Know

The Official Tungsten Ring Guide has been constructed together by conducting in depth research, interviewing the experts who have worked with tungsten carbide for over 30 plus years and our own personal experience.

Are Tungsten Rings Safe?

Like any jewelry, there is always a risk, and we will cover a few of them. To make things simple, we broke this guide into a few sections.

Part 1

Are Tungsten Rings Safe In Emergency Situations?

Part 2

Are Tungsten Rings Safe To Wear When Doing Physical Activities Physical Activities?

Part 1
Are Tungsten Rings Safe In Emergency Situations?

Let's lay to rest the longest-held myth about tungsten rings: "Tungsten rings cannot be removed." Tungsten rings can absolutely be removed in emergency situations.

Tungsten rings can be removed in most emergency situations. Almost all hospitals and emergency responders carry vice grips that can easily cut through any tungsten ring. Tungsten rings would not be one of the most popular wedding band choices if they were not removable.

Many experts say tungsten rings are safer to wear because they will break or shatter when they come under great amounts of pressure, whereas a solid gold ring will bend around the finger and cause more damage.

Part 2
Can Tungsten Rings Be Worn During Physical Activities?

Like any jewelry, there is always a risk when wearing it, especially during physical activities. When it comes to tungsten rings (or any wedding ring), the concern is not about the ring becoming damaged but rather the potential for self-injury. Activities such as lifting weights, kayaking, playing sports, and hunting can pose risks. For example, we know of someone who got their hand stuck between two rocks when they rolled their kayak. Thankfully, the water was not that deep, and the person had enough time to eventually free their hand.

Can You Get A Tungsten Ring Resized?

However, tungsten rings are usually a fraction of the cost compared to other types of men's rings, such as solid gold or platinum rings. If a tungsten ring becomes too large or too small, many people will simply purchase a second ring and still save money. According to, 40% of men will end up losing their wedding ring, meaning they will end up purchasing another ring anyway. Personally, I would rather lose a tungsten ring than a $700 ring.

What Is a Tungsten Carbide Ring?

You may be wondering “what exactly are tungsten carbide rings?”. Tungsten carbide rings are made from chemical compound tungsten and carbon atoms. Before a tungsten ring is made it begins in a powder form and then is pressed together to form the desired shape. Tungsten rings have became a popular ring of choice because of the hardness. It is much harder than diamonds and solid gold rings. It also is 10 times less likely to scratch than any-other rings.

The True Durability Of Tungsten Rings

This is probably the most frequently ask question we receive… “How durable are tungsten carbide rings?”. We broke this question into several parts.

Part 1. How Brittle Are Tungsten Carbide Rings?

Part 2. Can Tungsten Rings really never scratch?

Part 3. Do Tungsten Ring Tarnish?

Part 1
How Brittle Are Tungsten Carbide Rings?

Is it possible to break a tungsten ring? Despite the many rumors sayings its not... it is. Tungsten rings are not very brittle. If you drop a tungsten ring from a 100 ft, 99% of the time nothing will happen to it. The pressure it takes to crack or shatter a tungsten ring would be about equivalent to inserting a ring in vice grips and squeezing as hard as you could.  

Part 2
Can Tungsten Rings Scratch?

Tungsten rings can be scratched but it is very unlikely. Tungsten rings that are silver in color are much more less likely to be scratched. The chance of someone ever scratching a tungsten rings are very slim which is why most jewelers will say they are scratch proof. You have a greater chance of nicking a tungsten ring vs scratching a tungsten ring.

Tungsten rings that are more prone to scratching are the ones that have plated color added to them such as an all black tungsten ring. However, even an all black tungsten ring is still less likely to ever scratch vs. any-other wedding ring such as a solid gold ring.

Part 3
Do Tungsten Rings Tarnish?

Do tungsten rings tarnish? Unlike sterlings silver rings that DO tarnish. Tungsten rings will NOT tarnish. Tungsten rings that are plated using ION plating also will not tarnish.