Growing up, I could not wait to find that one special person to spend forever with. We all try and imagine what that on special pearson will be like. When I found the one, he became so much bigger than everyhng I could've dreamed of.

However something was putting a damper on this amazing dream that came true that I did not see coming. All the wedding rings out there were all the same. Same style, same boring design, ordinary, pushy sales people, and overpriced. We hunted for rings at three different malls but we found they all had the same mediocre rings. Hunting for that special ring started leading to frustration and just became too laborious. Our wedding was only 1 month away and we were in a panic.

Northern Royal bloomed with one simple mission: Quality craftsmanship, modern convenience, unique design and most importantly a variety of style for every personality. One that is tested for the everyday husband rather than for the large chain jewelry stores. A ring that really is different and is as special as your husband. A ring that everyone can afford by cutting out the big box stores and focusing on the husbands who ware them.

"My fiancé loved his ring. It was the modern look he was looking for. Very happy to see the attention to detail, uniqueness, and quality of this ring. Also need to add that their customer service team is amazing. They did everything they could to make us happy."