Men's Comfort Fit Rings - The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Comfort Fit Rings

Mens Comfort Fit Rings - Everything You Need To Know About Comfort Fit Rings.

Pledging your love and your dedication to your partner with a ring is a beautiful thing. However, many men might find wearing rings quite uncomfortable. Thankfully, there are many alternatives on the market. If you are looking for a more comfortable ring size, there are many opportunities for you to find rings that suit your lifestyle and comfort threshold! Keep in mind that this is something that you'll likely be wearing every single day. For this reason, a snug size is essential!

As you can imagine, one of the best ways to ensure comfort is to opt for a men’s comfort fit ring. As the name itself might imply, these rings are practically designed to enhance the comfort of the wearer. These particular ring types are absolutely perfect for people who don’t like the feel of regular rings, or for people whose skin is more sensitive.

What Is a Mens Comfort Fit Ring?

This particular approach to ring fitting can usually be described as a ring design with a domed interior. This means that there is a little bit of a dome shape in the part where the ring comes in contact with the finger, as opposed to the traditional flat shape of a ring’s interior (most rings actually have a flat diameter, which is generally known as a standard fit.)

What is a Mens Comfort Fit Ring? Example Of Comfort Fit Versus Standard Fit

Here is another example of an actual mens wedding ring that is comfort fit. Although the picture of the ring does not really show the comfort fit the diagram might better help explain it.

Comfort Fit Versus Standard Fit

Without diving too deeper in dull technicalities, what makes this fit special is the fact that the diameter at the center of the ring (right in the middle between the two edges of the ring’s surface) is actually smaller than the diameter at the edges, which means that the ring’s surface won’t completely touch your skin.

The domed interior is definitely more comfortable because it allows the ring to slide over the knuckle much easier for seamless wearing. In addition to that, the design’s innate properties cause much less friction with the skin, avoiding rushes and other uncomfortable consequences of wearing rings that are the wrong size or simply not comfortable enough!

If you are considering a comfort fit ring for men, you should know that this fit is the hardest to resize. Standard fit rings can easily be resized over time (a person’s body shape or weight might change over the years, including the width of the fingers!), but comfort fits are a bit tougher to modify due to the nature of the uneven diameter, as explained above.

Does a Comfort Fit Ring Effect His Ring Size?

Does a comfort fit ring effect his ring size? No, it does not affect his ring size. If you were measured with standard fit go down about a half size which would be about equivalent to a comfort fit. Usually this is pretty accurate. Most mens ring sizes are measured using U.S. sizing (Canada included) which is the same for comfort fit.

Are Comfort Ring's a Good Idea?

As mentioned earlier, a comfort fit ring is perfect for people who don’t really like the regular fit/standard fit. I mean who wood? It's like wearing a metal pipe one your finger all day. You will never get use to it. Unlike a comfort fit ring, it takes a few weeks to get use to it but eventually you will stop playing with it and forget you even have a ring on.

In addition to that, comfort fit rings are particularly indicated for those of us who have sensitive skin and are prone to ring rush!

Jewelers are usually experienced in helping people find the right size. In some cases, you can also get your finger width measured, so you can find the most perfect fit for you.