Materials We Use

Koa Wood

Koa wood only grows on a few areas in the world, Hawaii being one of them. Koa wood is one of the most beautiful hardwoods on the plant. The way the light reflects off of the wood is stunning. Our koa wood rings are made out of titanium, tungsten, and ceramic.

Cocobolo Wood

Cocobolo wood is a gorgeous, tropical hardwood with great texture and a grain pattern. Cocobolo wood is found in places such as Costa Rica and Nicaragua. It can range in color from dark red to reddish brown. The wood is also very durable and because of its fine texture, cocobolo wood can be crafted into tungsten or titanium metals.

Ceramic Rings

Ceramic rings are relatively new, causing many people to wonder what exactly a ceramic ring is. Ceramic rings are not made out of clay like you would use in a pottery class. Rather, they are made from exotic alternative metals such as zirconium along with specialized bonding agents. This makes for one strong ceramic material that will last and stay polished forever.

Ceramic will not fade or scratch. Ceramic can be compared to tungsten carbide because of the extreme hardness. However, ceramic rings are much lighter than tungsten carbide rings.

Tungsten Carbide Rings

Tungsten is a very hard and durable metal; so hard that it ranks second on the Mohs scale, just behind diamond. Rings made out of tungsten will not crack or shatter easily, meaning it would take a lot of force to snap a tungsten ring. Similar to diamond, tungsten has the capability to scratch glass. 

You must be selective when choosing a tungsten carbide ring. Low-quality tungsten rings are made with higher amounts of nickel and low-grade tungsten carbide, whereas high-quality tungsten rings, such as those offered by Northern Royal, are made with very low amounts of nickel. The low amounts of nickel allow for people with allergies to experience no symptoms when wearing their wedding ring.

Tungsten rings are much heavier in weight when compared to titanium rings and ceramic rings. Most people choose tungsten rings because they do not scratch and are extremely durable. 

Titanium Rings

Just like tungsten rings, titanium rings are also very durable. They are unlikely to break or snap in half. Titanium is a tough metal and is resistant to abrasion. Compared to tungsten rings, titanium rings are more likely to scratch. However, these scratches can easily be polished off of the ring.

Northern Royal rings are made out of the highest quality titanium. They come in many different styles, ranging from solid black to titanium rings with emeralds.

One of the most appreciated features of a titanium ring is that it is extremely lightweight, about 68% lighter than tungsten rings. This is a noticeable difference and many men prefer the lightweight feel as compared to something heavy. Titanium rings are very comfortable.


Northern Royal uses abalone rather than mother of pearl. What is the difference between abalone and mother of pearl? Mother of pearl is much more abundant when compared to abalone. Mother of pearl can be found just about anywhere such as freshwater or harvest farms.

Abalone is much more difficult to come by as abalone harvest farms are scarce. Abalone also has a darker rainbow shade to it, whereas mother of pearl contains milky shades.