Help - Return Or Exchange

Ring Return Or Exchange Directions 

1. Send your ring back to

Northern Royal

8213 Secor Rd. Suite 309

Lambertville, MI 48144

*Purchase shipping with a tracking number.

2. Complete the online form by clicking here or by going to the link

*Tracking number and completion of the online form is required.

  1.  Include the return/exchange card with the ring you are sending back.
I did not receive a ring return/exchange card or I missed placed it. 

When sending your ring back please include in the package the email you used to place the order, first and last name, and if you are returning or exchanging the ring.

If you are exchanging your ring for a new size please include the new size you would like.

How To Speed Up The Ring Exchange Process

If you do not want to wait for us to receive the ring back that you're sending us to exchange we do recommend this option. This option is for you to purchase the same ring in the correct size. Once we receive the ring that does not fit we will issue you a full refund for second one your purchased. This option will allow you to receive the new ring quicker. It cuts the time in about half.