Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime Warranty

The First Year

In the rare event that your ring becomes damaged in any way, we will replace it for free in the first year. Just pay the shipping to send it back.

After The First Year

If your ring becomes damaged after its first year, we will still replace it, for a small deductible of only $45.00. This will provide you with a brand new ring, and there is no limit on how many times you can use the warranty.

If Your Ring Does Not Fit After A Year

If you ring needs resized after 120 days (this is rare), a deductible of $30.00 will allow you to exchange your ring for a new size. Most of our rings are made of alliterative metals, which means they cannot be resized. This is why we will send you a new ring.

When does the warranty start?

When Does The Clock Start?

The 90-day return, 120-day ring exchange, and warranty will start when you first receive your ring. OR If you are purchasing the ring for an upcoming wedding than the policies will start on your wedding day.

What The Warranty Does Not Cover


  • Normal wear, including scratches (unless the ring you ordered is scratch-proof).
  • Alterations to the ring, such as engravings or any other sort of alterations to the ring. We will still replace your ring for free in the first year, but we will not cover any outresponsibility of the consumer.
  • Northern Royal is not responsible for the sentimental or intrinsic value of the original ring.
  • Stock: If the ring you ordered is not in stock at the time of your exchange, we will allow you to pick a new ring of equal similar value. Warranty applies to original purchase.

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