The Truth About
Tungsten Ring Durability

Are Tungsten Rings Really 100% Scratch-Proof?

Are Tungsten Rings Really 100% Scratch-Proof?

The answer is that no tungsten ring is 100% scratch proof. They are quite durable, but they are not scratch-proof, like some people may think. However, Tungsten rings are indeed extremely durable and high scratch-resistant. When you consider purchasing a tungsten ring, it’s important to account for color. Let us explain.

*We categorized tungsten rings into two color groups down below.

Categories Equal

High Scratch Resistant

Silver Tungsten Rings

Scratch Resistant

Colored Tungsten Rings

Category 1: High Scratch Resistant

Silver tungsten rings fall under “high scratch resistant.” These are the most durable tungsten rings, and are almost scratch-proof. Why? Besides the extreme hardness of Tungsten rings their natural color is a silvery gray, so when the ring is bumped or scraped against a surface, there is no other pigment that can rub off.

Category 2: High Scratch Resistant

Color Tungsten rings, such as black, red, or blue, are still extremely durable, but not as much as silver Tungsten rings. Tungsten rings that are not silver in color are plated. We plate our rings using one of the most advanced processes: ION plating. In short, a titanium nitride layer is added to the ring. This makes the plating harder and chemically stable. ION plating is about 60% more durable than traditional plating. ION plating and traditional plating can be compared to painting a piece of wood. versus staining a piece of wood. Stained wood is going to be much more durable than a piece of painted wood. The stain soaks much deeper into the wood, compared to paint which mostly just sits on top. Rings that are NOT ION plated are like the piece of wood that just has a layer of paint on top.


Our ION plated Tungsten rings can handle a lot of abuse, but they are more prone to scratching versus a silver Tungsten rings.

In conclusion, it is not impossible for a plated Tungsten rings to scratch, although it is very difficult to do so. The advantages of a silver Tungsten ring is that if it did scratch, you will likely not even notice it because there is nothing that will scratch off.