Engraving Policy & Terms

Processing Time

*Engraving can add 1 to 3 days to your order.

Refunds For Engraved Rings

The engraving service is nonrefundable but you can still receive a full refund for your ring. *We do NOT charge any fees.

Resizing/Exchanges For Engraved Rings

Resizing/exchanges for engraved rings are still free. *However, you will have to purchase engraving a second time. Why is this? Most of our rings are made from alternative metals, such as tungsten, which cannot be resized. This means you will be receiving a brand new ring in the new size requested.


We always recommend ordering our ring sizer before purchasing engraving even if you already know your size. Jewelers can take measurements in different ways. Some measure using comfort fit, standard fit, European sizing, etc.

Lifetime Warranty 

Our lifetime warranty does not cover the engraving service. We will still replace your ring under the lifetime warranty but we will not engrave your ring a second time unless you purchase the engraving service a second time.

Existing Markings 

Some of our rings have our logo, which is very small, on the inside of the ring. Also, a few of our rings may have the words “tungsten”, “tungsten carbide”, or other generic words inside of them. These markings cannot be removed and your requested engraving will go around these markings.

Engraving Appearance

The clarity/boldness of the engraved message can show differently depending on what color the inside of your ring is.

Wood Interior Rings

Rings with wood interiors including bentwood rings cannot be engraved. We only have two rings with wood interiors which are "The Woodland Hybrid" & "Silver Class Brushed Silver & Olive Wood Ring" If you purchase engraving you will be refunded and your ring will be shipped. 

By checking the ring engraving checkbox above you agree to the engraving policy and terms.