Tips on Writing a Best Man or Maid of Honor Speech

Being selected as a Best Man or a Maid of Honor is in fact an honor and with that honor comes the responsibility of writing a speech for the big wedding day. While this can be exciting, for some people it may cause some nerves to come to the surface. There are a few tips and tricks that can make writing and giving your speech easier and less nerve-wracking. 

Introduce Yourself

The first thing to do when giving your speech sounds obvious, but you will need to introduce yourself. Give your name and explain how you know the groom or bride. Maybe there is a fun story about how you met the groom and/or bride and you want to share that, or maybe it’s as simple as explaining you are a brother or sister to the bride or groom. Whatever the story, it is important to share it with the wedding guests as they may not all know who you are. 

Highlight the Bride & Groom’s Relationship

Obviously, you were chosen by either the bride or groom to support him or her on the big wedding day. However, it is important not to focus only on your relationship with the bride or groom, but rather to point out what makes the bride and groom’s relationship special. How do they compliment each other and what do you look forward to seeing in their marriage together? Share this with the wedding crowd. 

Add Some Humor

No one likes a boring speech and nothing spices up a speech like humor can. Be thoughtful and positive when approaching humor in a Best Man or Maid of Honor speech. While humor is entertaining and helpful, you will want to be careful not to overdo it. Keep it at a minimum and add humor in here and there for the best effect.

Keep it Short

Keep your speech short and sweet. It is important to get your point across and move on so that the focus is not entirely on you, but rather the bride and the groom. 

Proofread Your Speech

It is never a bad idea to have someone else read through your speech before you give it at a wedding. Ask a trusted friend to read through it and give his or her opinion on what you could do to make the speech better or more interesting. 

Conclude Your Speech

You can end your speech in a few different ways. Wish the new couple a lifetime of happiness together, raise a toast, or end with your favorite quote about marriage. Make the ending of your speech stick out so that guests and the wedding party remember your speech forever. 

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