All About Tungsten Rings

A common question when deciding on a wedding ring for a man is what material that ring should be made out of. It really does come down to personal preference, but tungsten is often a popular choice for many reasons. Tungsten rings feature strong durability, scratch resistance, and they will break in emergency situations. 


Tungsten is a very hard and durable metal; so hard that it ranks second on the Mohs scale, just behind diamond. Rings made out of tungsten will not crack or shatter easily, meaning it would take a lot of force to snap a tungsten ring. 

Scratch Resistance

While not impossible, it is not very common that tungsten rings will scratch, making them an excellent choice for a man’s wedding ring. Similar to diamond, tungsten has the capability to scratch glass. 

Emergency Situations

Many people believe that it would be impossible to remove a tungsten ring in the case of an emergency, which often deters men from choosing tungsten as their primary wedding ring. However, tungsten rings can be safely removed in the case of an emergency. A pair of vice grips is often the best choice to remove a tungsten ring safely and quickly. 

Tungsten Carbide Grade

You must be selective when choosing a tungsten carbide ring. Low-quality tungsten rings are made with higher amounts of nickel and low-grade tungsten carbide, whereas high-quality tungsten rings are made with very low amounts of nickel. The low amounts of nickel allow for people with allergies to experience no symptoms when wearing their wedding ring. These differences in low versus high-quality tungsten carbide also account for the wide range of prices in tungsten carbide rings.

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