All About Titanium Rings

Titanium rings are a very popular choice for men's wedding rings. There are many reasons a man would choose a titanium wedding ring, including its high durability and comfort. 


Just like tungsten rings, titanium rings are also very durable. They are unlikely to break or snap in half. Titanium is a tough metal and is resistant to abrasion. 

Scratch Resistance

Compared to tungsten rings, titanium rings are more likely to scratch. However, these scratches can easily be polished off of the ring. Compared to stainless steel rings, titanium rings are less likely to scratch. 

Comfortable & Lightweight

One of the most appreciated features of a titanium ring is that it is extremely lightweight, about 68% lighter than tungsten rings. This is a noticeable difference and many men prefer the lightweight feel as compared to something heavy. Titanium rings are very comfortable.

Quality & Selection

Northern Royal rings are made out of the highest quality titanium. They come in many different styles, ranging from solid black to titanium rings with emeralds. There is a large selection available.

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