Tips for an Outdoor Summer Wedding


When planning a summer wedding, it is important to be mindful of the possibility of a hot day. One way to potentially alleviate the heat is to avoid planning the wedding ceremony during the hottest part of the day, which typically falls during the afternoon. A morning or late afternoon/early evening outdoor ceremony is often the best option for comfort for both the wedding party and the wedding guests. 

Food & Drink

Because the temperature could be high for a summer wedding, you will want to avoid certain foods that will spoil, such as products with dairy. Lighter foods and appetizers are a great option instead. There is a wide variety of cold desserts that you can choose from. Providing guests with ample cold drinks will also be a necessity to avoid dehydration. 


There are many options to consider when choosing a venue for an outdoor wedding. Providing relief from the hot sun is a great idea so that your guests and bridal party can feel comfortable. You can seek out a venue that has shade trees, a tent with portable air conditioner units, or even an indoor structure where people can escape the heat if necessary. 

Wedding Favors

Having an outdoor wedding opens the door to providing some unique wedding favors. You can provide sunglasses, fans, bug spray, or even plants such as succulents to give to your guests so that they can forever remember your wedding day. 

Have a Backup Plan

With outdoor summer weddings comes the possibility of rainy weather. It is important to consider a backup plan if the forecast shows rain for your big day. Many venues offer indoor facilities along with their outdoor options that are a good idea to secure in case it rains. Tents are also a great option.

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