Are The Wedding Guest Really Going To Enjoy Your Big Day? Ideas & Tips

How To Make Your Wedding Memorable For Everyone! 

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life – but it wouldn’t be the same without your friends and family all gathered by your side. For most brides-to-be, planning a wedding can be both very exciting and overwhelming. In between all the preparations, the guests can sometimes easily be overlooked.

Maybe your guests are flying in from the other side of the world? Or they could simply be coming from the house across the street? Regardless, it’s important to let them know how important it is to you that they could be there on your special day.

Here are some ideas of a few things you can do to welcome your guests, and make sure your wedding is a blast for everyone! 

Personalized Welcome Bags 

Thank you wedding bags Before you arrive at reception   Welcome bags are a great way to make sure each guest feels greeted and valued upon arrival. Another great idea to make guest that are from out of town feel extra special is include in the bag something that is local. Maybe you have a favorite local coffee shop down the street or some of your favorite candies. It can be a long wait between the ceremony and cocktail hour. Give your guest something to tie them over. 

Custom Bag With Local Coffee Beans For Guest 





Custom wedding favor bags

If your looking for customizable wedding bags I highly recommend these crafters.

IWedding Candy - Add Candy to your weddingf you cannot find any local goods to put inside the customizable bags I would highly recommend getting custom lollipops made for your wedding. They will make just about any style lollipop to suite your wedding theme. Click here if you want some amazing custom lollipops for your wedding.Custom Wedding Candy


Make Sure Your Guest Find The Way

Rustic Wedding Signs For Your Guest. Don't let them get lostMake it as convenient for your guest as possible when they arrive to the wedding. It is a great idea to have a signs at the entrance where your guest will be arriving at. The signs at the entrance will be the there first impression so make sure they fit your wedding theme and set the mood for the day! If your guest have a little bit of a hike it is always a good idea to make sure the trails are marked with signs as well.The last thing you want is your guest getting lost and frustrated.Out Wood Wedding Signs


Keep Your Guest Entertain Before The Party Start's


Outdoor wedding gamesThe next essentials is to make sure there is entrainment before the actual wedding starts. Instead of people just sitting at there tables board waiting for the party to start why not have some lawn games set up for the guest? Classic oversize games like Yahtzee is one of the most popular outdoor wedding games. If your looking for a custom oversized Yahtzee game for your wedding click here.
Outdoor Wedding Games




Think About The Children Coming To Your Wedding

Board children at weddingAre some of your guests coming with children? If the answer is yes, then having activities for the children is essential! You want the children to enjoy the wedding just as much as the adults. If the children are content and having fun this will allow the adult to relax and really enjoy your big special day. Nothing puts a parent more at peace than knowing their kids are safe and having fun.


Children's Wedding Activity Box

Kids wedding activity boxOne popular trend is kids wedding box kits. These wedding boxes are filled with activities and treats for children 3 and up. These boxes are filled with play dough, personalized 5 page coloring book with crayons, confetti snack mix bag filled with munchies, a sweet treat, confetti, and a very neat surprise ball that unwinds and reveals 6 plus goodies and prizes. The best part about these boxes is they are all customizable! Click here to learn more.

Kids Wedding activity box



 If you would like to learn more about these kids wedding box activity click here.




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