Five Good Reasons To Keep The Videographer

Videographers can take a huge chunk out of a wedding budget, and they're often one of the first extras to go when money gets tight. But there are some excellent reasons to spend the extra money and find a professional to record your special day.

1. They're Going To Do It Better

Yes, everyone at your wedding will be taking snippets of video to share on Instagram and Facebook, but that doesn't compare to the quality of the video that a professional can achieve. Even if you hand a trusted guest your GoPro and ask them to capture your most important moments, you risk getting a shaky video with poor sound. Professional equipment, years of experience, and editing software all come at a price, but it will be worth it when you can watch yourselves exchanging vows and actually hear your words, not to mention the nervousness and emotion in your voices.


2. They're Professionals

Your guests are there to enjoy the wedding. A videographer is there on business, and the only thing that they'll do is what you're paying them for – record all the wonderful stuff going on. It's not fair to ask a wedding guest to take on the responsibility of filming your ceremony and reception, even if they seem eager to do it. A videographer will have a contract, do exactly what you ask, and have backup plans for all possible contingencies because they've encountered them all before.


3. Music Matters

Music is a huge part of any wedding. Couples spend hours picking out playlists, making sure to choose the perfect songs for the most important moments of the ceremony and reception. Why let those important decisions fade to history? What song will you have for your first dance? What was playing as you came back down the aisle hand-in-hand after you said “I do?” Will you remember them in ten years if all you have is a photo album? Capturing your wedding's soundtrack adds an extra dimension. Looking at a photo awakens a memory, but hearing the music brings you back there.


4. Seeing Behind The Scenes 

You can't be everywhere on your wedding day, but a videographer has the freedom to explore your venue and capture little moments between your guests. A young cousin singing along to her favorite songs at the reception. Your grandparents dancing to a slow song – or the chicken dance! You'll be surprised at just how much is happening while you're busy cutting cake and shaking hands!


5. Think About The Next Generation

While you're not likely to subject your family to repeated screenings of your wedding video, it's an important piece of history for the next generation. Just think how precious it could be to them, to hear the voices of their grandparents, great grandparents, or other family members who are no longer with you. A video makes those people so much more real to younger people who never had a chance to meet them.

A videographer isn't necessary, of course – nothing about a wedding is except the couple and someone to sign the important papers. But it's potentially the best investment you can make for your wedding. If you're considering cutting back your budget, and the videographer is on the chopping block, give it some serious thought before making the decision final. Ten years from now you're probably not going to care that the tables didn't have centerpieces, but you just might regret not being able to experience your first dance all over again.

Stacey + Kyle Wedding Highlight from Jeremy Robertson Wedding Films on Vimeo.



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