Not Sure If You Should Purchase Your Future Husbands Wedding Band Online?

One of the best decisions I made during my wedding planning was purchasing my husband's wedding band online. Mostly, because it saved us a lot of money! Plus I was buried in student loan debt. When I first started searching for wedding bands online I was skeptical but I soon realized after reading countless wedding forums that plenty of other brides purchased their husbands wedding bands online. After doing plenty of reading and finally purchasing my husbands wedding band, I came to the conclusion that every bride should purchase their husbands wedding band online. Here are three reasons why!

What I learned About Purchasing My Husbands Wedding Ring Online

  1. Online wedding band stores have way better prices vs. retail stores.

  2. Way more convenient for the busy brides.  

  3. Much larger Selection

I saved Hundreds of Dollar By Buying My Husbands Wedding Band Online

I could not believe at first that the wedding rings I found at retail stores, I also found online. Not only were they the same rings but the ones in the retail stores were at least triple the cost! At first my thought was “they cannot be the same rings”. After I thought about it and did some research I realized they really were the same rings. Here are a few reasons why retails stores have such a high mark up.

  • It cost a lot to keep a jewelry store open. Jewelry retail stores have to pay high rent.

  • They have to have an army of salespeople trying to convince you to buy a ring.

  • They also have to pay employees commission and keep a massive stock of inventory on hand.

Online only retailers, especially smaller independently-run ones like Northern Royal, do not have all that overhead, which means they can offer you the same rings from the same suppliers at a fraction of the cost. Online jewelry stores do not need to pay an army of salespeople to sell you a ring. They also do not need to pay monthly rent. Plus most online jewelry stores can order the ring you want directly from the supplier once you purchase it, which means they do not need to keep a massive stockpile of rings on hand the retail stores do. 

Purchasing Your Husband Wedding Ring Online Is Actually Relaxing! 

After almost pulling my hair out a few times during the intense wedding planning. It was just one more reason why I should purchase my husband's wedding ring online. It was so much easier and quicker! I really did not feel like driving to the mall when I was already there a billion times before trying on wedding dresses. Plus, I had enough of the sales people trying to make me purchase things I did not want for my wedding. Laying on my bed scrolling through my phone sounded much more pleasant looking for my husband wedding ring vs. going to the annoying retail stores. 

There Is a Much Larger Selection Of Mens Wedding

Rings Online Vs.The Retail Stores

The selection of men’s wedding rings in retails stores was pathetic I found. You would think if there are millions of women's rings in retail stores that they could at least add more than twenty mens rings to pick from. The second part of the cause of stress I had ring hunting for my husband was every jewelry store in a 30 miles radius seem to have the same rings. I wanted something unique for my future husband. 

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