How Can I Determine My Partner’s Ring Size Without Him or Her Knowing?

Determining a ring size discreetly can be tricky. For men, the average ring size is a 10. 

Guess Your Partner's Ring Size

 guess a men's wedding ring size

If you are completely unsure what size your partner wears and you do not want him or her knowing you are ordering a ring, you can always just take a guess at what size he or she wears. Thankfully, if you order a ring from us and it is the incorrect size, you have 120 days to send it back to us for the correct size, making it possible to simply guess your partner’s ring size. 

Measure Your Partner's Finger While He or She is Sleeping

measuring man's finger for wedding ring

While this tactic may not be practical for everyone and you risk the chance of your partner waking up to find you sizing his or her finger, this is a great option if your partner is a deep sleeper. 

Ask Friends or Family if They Know Your Partner's Ring Size

talking to friends men's wedding band sizes

It never hurts to ask a close friend or family member if they have any idea what size ring your partner wears. Also, if you ask a friend who wears a ring and is of a similar stature what size he or she wears, you may be able to estimate that your partner’s ring size is about the same.

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