Mens Silver Titanium Deer Antler Wedding Ring

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$ 254.96 $ 450.00

 Handcrafted silver titanium deer antler ring crafted out of genuine deer antler. This titanium deer antler ring makes the perfect men's wedding ring. It is both durable and comfortable.



  • 100% Handcrafted in the U.S.A
  • High-Grade Titanium 
  • 100% Genuine Deer Antler 
  • High Water Resistance: You can wash your hands, but bathing, showering, swimming is not recommended during wear.
  • Scratch Resistance

    Durability & Care

    Water Resistance: The rings are high water resistance. You can wash your hands, but bathing, showering, swimming is not recommended during wear. We do have customers that never take their rings off and they have not had any problems. 

    Strength: The force it would take to shatter a deer antler ring is equivalent to a hammer striking the antler ring. Deer antlters antler are high scratch restainces and can easily withstand bumps. 

    Daily Wear: We recomdned that you remove your deer antler ring when you plan on doing activites that may cause damage to your ring. Some exacmples inlcude weight lfiting, operating heavy machinery, and rock climbing. 

    Avoid Harch Chemicals: 

    • Solutions that contain alchol 
    • Solutions that are designed to remove surface stains.

    Antler rings should be taken care of just like any fine jewelry. 

    Antler Guide


    The Deer Antler Ring Guide covers the policies specifically for Deer Anlter Rings.

    *Deer Antler Ring Policy

    Any of the rings that are in the Deer Antler Ring Collection are excluded from Northern Royal’s 90 Day Return Policy, Exchange Policy, and Lifetime Warranty Policy. Deer Antler Rings have their policies which can be found down below.


    Antler Ring Return & Exchange Policy

    Unfortunately, we do not allow Antler rings to be returned or exchanged for other rings due to the amount of of time and details that it takes to make these rings. Each ring is uniquely different and tailored to each individual customer.


    After Making A Purchase

    After you make a  purchase for an anlter ring, a free ring sizer will be sent to you right away unless you already received one. Once you have used the ring sizer please go here to confirm your size. If the ring sizer confirms the same size you ordered still be sure to follow the instruction that come with the ring sizer.

    Why do we send out ring sizers?

    Besides the high level of craftsmanship and the amount of time that is spent on each ring. Northern Royal antler rings can be very difficult to resize. If we cannot resize your ring you would have to pay 50% of the ring price to allow for a brand new ring to be made. Of course, you would still be able to keep your original ring. Usually, these rings can be resized within a half size in either direction. 


    Ring Sizer Shipping TIme?

    U.S. Customers: 2 to 5 days.

    Canada: 8 to 14

    All Other International Countries: 9 to 22 days

    The Deer Antler Life Care Guarantee


    Repairs are free of charge. You can send your ring in as many times as you'd like. We always do our best to try and avoid completely replacing your ring.  

    What happens if the ring cannot be repaired?

    We will always do our best to repair your ring. However, if your ring is unrepairable a small deductible of $95 will allow for a brand new ring replacement. The deductible also covers shipping. Northern Royal bentwood rings can be resized within a half size in either directions.

    Appearance Of Antler Rings

    Antler rings are made with organic materials which can make each piece different than what may be shown in the pictures. Your ring may have variances in color, wood, deer antler, shades, or grain pattern from what is shown in the picture due to the natural material that are produced by nature. Making them all the more unique.

    Discounts Codes

    *Note: Unfortunately, we do not accept discount codes on any of the deer antler rings unless it specifically mentions antler Rings.


    Antler Processing Time

    These times do change depending on the demand. The times below are the most up to date times. Each ring is handracted for each individual. 

    Free Shipping On All Orders

    U.S. Domestic: 12 to 22 Days

    Canada: 15 to 28 Days

    All Other Internatinal: 25 to 40

    All rings ship from Southeast, Michigan. 

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