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We love customizing rings. This is where you can request a customization. Once it is approved you will receive an approval email.

How It Works

  1. Fill out the following information above.
  2. Proceed through checkout. No payment is required yet but you still have to proceed through check out. 
  3. Please allow 1 to 12 hours. You will then receive an approval email. 
  4. When approved, you will receive an email requesting payment.
  5.  Allow 17 to 30 days for custom orders. This is from the time you make the payment to the time it arrives at your doorstep. 

* Customers orders start around $240 - $400

Life Care Guarantee 

Free Repairs 

Repairs are free of charge. You can send your ring in as many times as you would like. Free repairs are repairs that can fix your ring without completely replacing your ring. We always do our best to try and avoid completely replacing our bentwood rings.

What kind of repairs can be done to bentwood rings?

  • A new finish
  • Small scratches, small chips
  • Inlay repairs

Can your bentwood ring be resized?

  • Northern Royal bentwood rings can be resized free of charge. We can resize most bentwood rings within a half size in either direction. 

What happens if the ring cannot be repaired? 

  • Lifetime Replacement: We will always do our best to repair your ring. However, if your ring is unrepairable a small deductible of $95 will allow for a brand new ring replacement. The deductible also covers shipping. 

Are Bentwood Rings returnable? 

  • The only rings that are not returnable are bentwood rings and deer antler rings. We do not allow returns on bentwood rings and deer antler rings because hours of work will be poured into these beautiful rings. This is not just a ring you are purchasing but a work of art. It is extremely rare that we have customers wanting to return a ring. If you are unhappy we will work with you.  


Education & Care


Avoid Abrasive Surfaces

  • Sand Paper
  • Soaps that contain small balls

Avoid Harsh Chemicals

  • Solutions that contain alcohol

Avoid Rough Wear

Note: We recommend taking your ring off when you plan on doing any of the following activites.

  • Weight lifting
  • Operating heavy machinery
  • Exteme sports such as weight lifting or rock climbing


  • Northern Royal rings are water resistant. We recommend removing your ring during extened sumbersions. Such as dishwasing, swimming, and showering. Many of our customers will swim while wearing their ring and experience no damage at all. However, we still recommended removing the ring. 


Are bentwood rings right for you?

One of the first questions people ask is "Are they durable and will they last?"

Will They Last?

Bentwood rings without a doubt will last forver. The real question is, will you take care of it? Are you going to take it off when using harsh chemicals, playing rough sports, or other common sense daily activities? If the answer is yes, then a bentwood ring is right for you.

The moment you first slip your bentwood ring over your finger is quit the experience. The feeling of a all natural wood gliding across your finger that is smoother than silk is beautiful feeling. The fact that there is no other ring like yours will make you want to treasure the ring forever.


Bentwood rings are more durable than you may think. Bentwood rings are made by wrapping thin piece of wood in multi layers. This gives the ring great stength and flexibility when under pressure. 

How Bentwood Rings Are Made 

  • Making wood shavings / strips 
  • Soaking them in sterile water 
  • Taking the shavings/strips and wrapping them in multi layers 
  • Applying a special solution that gives them great strength and preserves the wood. 
  • Most artist stop at the last step but not us. Our last two steps are crucial but they most remain a secert. It is what sets us apart. What we can say is it adds even more strength and preserves the wood even longer.  

*If Northern Royal was not so confident they would last we would not offer such an awesome lifetime warranty.