The Cleaning and Care of Men's Wedding Rings

The Cleaning and Care of Men's Wedding Rings

You were just outside doing some yard work when you looked down and noticed you forgot to take your wedding ring off of your hand. It is now covered in dirt and looks impossible to clean. What should you do?

Even though our wedding rings are very easy to maintain, they do still require care and the occasional cleaning. We recommend avoiding any harsh chemicals found in some cleaning products, such as bleach and Windex. Rather, the best way to clean your ring is to use a microfiber cloth to clean out any dirt or sediment. Once it has been wiped down, simply use dish soap and water to clean your ring. 

While our rings are very durable, they can still become damaged during rough physical activities. To prevent your ring from getting scratched or damaged, avoid wearing your ring during physical activities like weightlifting, rock climbing, and contact sports. Put your ring safely in a ring box until you are done with the activity that may cause damage.

  • Hailee Rensi