Should Men have Multiple Wedding Rings?

The first wedding ring you receive is obviously very special and sentimental, but you may wonder if there is a reason a man should have a spare wedding ring.  There are actually many reasons a man may choose to have an additional wedding ring and it can be a good idea to do so in many circumstances.

Change up your Style with Additional Wedding Ring Styles

men's wedding rings different occasions


Having multiple wedding rings allows for men to easily change up their style. It is much easier for you to match your wedding ring to your clothing if you have multiple to choose from. Also, it takes away the boredom of wearing the same ring every day and adds some variety to your wardrobe. 

Have Additional Wedding Rings for Different Occasions

men's wedding ring with business attire


It never hurts to have an additional ring on hand for different occasions. Sometimes, a man may want to wear a different ring to work or out for a special occasion, while owning a completely different ring for everyday home use. 

Have a Backup Wedding Ring in Case the Original is Lost or Damaged

men's wedding ring

Many people do not want to think they will lose or damage their wedding ring. However, the reality is that accidents do happen and sometimes wedding rings can become damaged or misplaced. In these circumstances, it would come in handy to have a spare wedding ring around so that you have something to wear while you find or repair your ring.

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